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Careers & World of Work

Careers Education is seen as an integral part of the aim in developing pupils’ qualities of initiative and self-reliance. Careers Wales works with the school to arrange careers visits, talks, films, career conventions etc.  Mr Chris Evans our Careers Adviser also attends parental consultation evenings to offer support and guidance to pupils and parents / carers. Every year, the school in collaboration with Careers Wales arranges for companies and trades to attend a careers conference to talk to pupils.  The close working relationship results in the expertise of the Careers Adviser to conduct interviews with pupils in years 10 and 11.  Career and future pathways guidance is also offered to Key stage 5 pupils to support their next steps along with opportunities to attend local and national apprenticeship events.

Below you will find contact details for our Careers Wales School delivery team and many useful links which will help you to plan your career, prepare to get a job, and find and apply for the right apprenticeships, courses and training.

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