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School Communications

We use a variety of digital communication systems to ensure parents / carers are kept up to date with a range of different areas.  Below you will find all of the communication systems we use at Idris Davies School 3-18 together with parental user guides and support videos to help navigate and understand the way in which they work.

If you require further support with any of these systems please use our IT Online Help desk at the bottom of this page.

ClassCharts (Attendance & Wellbeing)

Parents can use this app to keep track of their child’s weekly timetable, view attendance records, and track scheduled wellbeing detentions.  If parents have more than one child, they can access ClassCharts information about their children from a single, centralised parent account.

Parents can login to Classcharts using the unique pupil code provided by the school.  A ClassCharts app can also be downloaded to a parental device using their providers app store. 

Please click on the ClassCharts logo to visit the website.

Please view the ClassCharts user guide below.

class charts for parents guide.pdf


Go4Schools (Progress reporting)

Parents can use Go4Schools to view their child's and access progress snapshots and end of year reports. In order to login, parents will need to use the email address that they provided to the school.

Please click on the Go4Schools logo to visit the website.

*Please note the school does not subscribe to the Go4Schools app so this service will need to be accessed via a device internet browser.

Please view the Go4Schools Parental user guide below.

08 07 2020 go4s parents document.pdf

cfw parental help sheet for snapshots.pdf

Seesaw (Primary Phase)

In the primary phase the Seesaw app is used in the following areas:

  • Class updates - Parents get notifications about new journal entries and class announcements.
  • Celebrate learning at home – Encourage the skills children build at school.
  • Keep the teacher updated – Allows parents to share how their children are doing and let the teacher know how they can be most helpful.

A Seesaw app can be downloaded to a parental device using their providers app store. 

Please click on the Seesaw logo to visit the website.

Please view the Seesaw user guide below.

seesaw quick start guide.pdf

SchoolCloud (Virtual Parents Meetings)

Following the introduction of the SchoolCloud system during the Covid19 pandemic as way of ensuring clear communication, we have decided to keep this system following the very positive feedback from parents and carers around how convenient and flexible they have found it.

Please click on the SchoolCloud logo to visit the website.

Please view the SchoolCloud user guide below.

24 02 2021 parent guide virtual parents meeting thursday 4th march.pdf

IT Online Support 

If you experience any difficulties with any of the systems above please complete our IT Online Support form and a member of staff will come back shortly to provide you with support.

IDS3-18 IT Online Support