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Anti Bullying

Everyone at Idris Davies School is fundamentally opposed to all forms of bullying. Idris Davies School students have chosen to adopt the Anti Bullying Alliance definition of bullying which is: ‘the repetitive, intentional hurting of one person or group by another person or group, where the relationship involves an imbalance of power. Bullying can be physical, verbal or psychological. It can happen face-to-face or through cyberspace.’ A useful mnemonic for identifying bullying is ‘STOP‘– Several Times On Purpose.

I think my child is being bullied….

What are the signs? Bullying can hurt both physically and mentally. Students, parents, and staff should be aware of the warning signs and a symptom through changes in behaviour that may highlight someone is being bullied.

This can take many forms (this list is not definitive): 

  • Is frightened of walking to or from school 
  • Does not want to go to school by public/school transport 
  • Insists on being driven to school 
  • Changes their usual routine 
  • Is unwilling to go to school after previously enjoying being part of the school community 
  • Begins to truant 
  • Becomes withdrawn, anxious, or lacking in confidence 
  • Starts stammering 
  • Attempts or threatens suicide or runs away 
  • Cries themselves to sleep at night or has nightmares 
  • Feels ill in the morning 
  • Begins to do poorly in schoolwork 
  • Comes home with clothes torn or books damaged 
  • Has possessions that are damaged or unexpectedly go missing 
  • Asks for money or starts stealing money (to pay bully) 
  • Has dinner or other monies continually ‘lost’ 
  • Has unexplained cuts or bruises 
  • Comes home hungry (lunch has been stolen) 
  • Becomes aggressive, disruptive, or unreasonable 
  • Is bullying/ harassing other children or siblings 
  • Stops eating 
  • Is frightened to say what’s wrong 
  • Is afraid to use the internet or mobile phone 
  • Is nervous and jumpy when a text message is received 
  • Gives improbable excuses for any of the above.

Anti Bullying Ambassadors

Student ambassadors in our 6th form are trained to support students who are unfortunate enough to encounter any rare incidents of bullying at Idris Davies. Our ABAs listen, offer advice, and can even offer a voice for students who may not be confident enough to report a problem. They will always encourage students to tell an adult. 

ABAs are available to our student body and work alongside every member of staff at Idris Davies School. 

Mr Duggan and other members of the senior leadership and Achievement teams regularly deliver assemblies to raise awareness of the impact of bullying behaviours and to highlight the support students can access should they need to. We also educate our students using registration time and within various subjects on how to conduct themselves not only within our school community, but beyond our school gates too.

Report Bullying

Students are encouraged to report any incidents of bullying either to a member of staff or through the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors. If a student wants to report an incident of bullying that they have experienced personally or on behalf of another student, as well as via their tutor (or any member of staff in our school), they can also submit an IDS SOS form that can be accessed via the school website or their desktops on any school computer. Parents/Carers can report incidences of bullying directly to their child’s Achievement Leader.

Anti Bullying Week and Useful Links

Anti Bullying week

Each year we participate in National Anti Bullying Week and run a range of activities to raise awareness and encourage students to think about being kind to each other. In 2021, we took part again and activities included a 'Odd Sock day'.

Useful Websites to visit


Online safety

Stomp out bullying