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Grant Plans

The schools’ use of grants is regularly scrutinised by the Governing Body, supported by advice from EAS and monitored by the Local Authority. Below please find a Summary of Grant Spending Plans 2022-2023 at Idris Davies School 3-18.

PDG & EIG 2022-2023

The school has received a total Pupil Deprivation Grant of £308,200, Early Years Pupil Deprivation Grant of £34,500 and Education Improvement Grant of £133,862 for the financial year 2022-2023. This funding will be use to undertake the following activities:

  • Attendance Project to support improved/maintained attendance post COVID
  • Further enhancement of school library
  • Further implementation and development of the Accelerated Reader Programme
  • Literacy and Numeracy Interventions
  • FSM Enrichment Opportunities
  • Uniform and additional Sports Equipment for pupils
  • Wellbeing Trips
  • Additional Mental health and Wellbeing support
  • Enhancement of Outdoor Learning Environment
  • Further support for our MAT pupils
  • Further development of RADY project
  • Baxter Dog Project – Therapy
  • Additional Staffing for Early Years

Professional Learning Grant 2022-2023

The school has received a total Professional Learning Grant of £22,481 to undertake the following activities in support of the Professional Learning of Idris Davies School staff.

  • Introduction of new peer observation programme to provide all staff across the school to enhance the sharing of best practice
  • SLT Coaching and Mentoring programme
  • Learning Network School linked with identified need(s)
  • OLEVI Excellent Teaching programme
  • OTAP Excellent Teaching Assistant programme
  • Further development of the whole school professional learning library
  • EAS Network meetings for LLC, Numeracy & Maths, Science, STEAM, Welsh / Bilingualism.

Recruit, Recover, Raise Standards (ALPS) Grant 2022-2023

The school has received a total ALP Grant of £57,658 to undertake the following activities to support pupils to ‘catch up’ after COVID.

  • Small group interventions KS4 & KS5
  • Additional capacity for Specialist Teaching provided by secondary staff to KS2 pupils
  • Additional capacity with in English & Mathematics Departments to support intervention and smaller class sizes
  • Learning Coach across phase